Spring Conference Insights

The New York Public Adjusters Association (NYPAA) Spring Conference held at Arlo Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on April 30, 2024, offered a comprehensive look into the world of property insurance claims. With approval from the NY & NJ Insurance Departments for 4 CE credits, the event drew attention to the pivotal role of public insurance adjusters in guiding policyholders through the intricate process of claims settlement.
The morning sessions commenced with a welcome from NYPAA Executive Director Jonathan Wilkofsky, Esq., setting the tone for a day of informative discussions. Amy Bach, Esq., from United Policyholders, took to the podium to address "FAQs About Property Damage Insurance Claims." Her presentation aimed to demystify the claims process, offering practical guidance on crucial topics such as understanding insurance policies, maximizing benefits, and ensuring fair claim settlements.

Attendees then listened to observations from Jeffrey Major of Skyline Adjusters, who delved into "Unfair Claims Settlement Practices." Major's presentation shed light on common tactics employed by insurers to minimize or deny claims, empowering policyholders to recognize and challenge unfair practices effectively.

The conference also provided updates on legislative developments, including the New York Bad Faith Bill covered by lobbyist Amy Kellogg, Esq., from Harter Secrest & Emory, LLP. The bill proposes allowing policyholders to recover damages when an insurance company's refusal to pay or unreasonable delay in paying a claim is not substantially justified. Kellogg underscored the ongoing efforts to enhance policyholder rights and the ability of public adjusters to pursue them. She shared her optimism that the bad faith bill championed by NYPAA could be passed this year or next. 

Prior to the working lunch sponsored by Total Restoration, conference sponsors and exhibitors addressed the audience to showcase their products and services. They were acknowledged by the organization for their generous participation and support.

The luncheon talk, "Ethics for Public Adjusters 2024," was led by Jonathan Wilkofsky, Esq. This session equipped practicing PAs with essential knowledge on regulatory compliance, fiduciary duties, and ethical practices, emphasizing the importance of upholding integrity in their professional conduct.

In the afternoon session “Tools of the Trade - Professional Strategies for Professional Public Adjusters,” Brian Evans of Eastern Public and Jason Roberge, Esq. of Morgan Law Group teamed up to highlight ways for public adjusters to empower policyholders in navigating the claims process effectively. They offered their thoughts on maintaining leverage, leveraging policy provisions, and overcoming common challenges in claims settlements.

As the conference drew to a close, Wilkofsky rallied attendees to support the group's lobbying efforts for bad faith legislation, emphasizing the collective responsibility to advocate for fair treatment in insurance claims.

The day concluded with a "Happy Hour" sponsored by ALE Pro Insurance Logistics, giving attendees time to network and unwind while reflecting on the valuable information gained throughout the day.

In summary, the 2024 NYPAA Spring Conference provided public insurance adjusters with timely education to enhance their service to policyholders, delivering practical advice and promoting advocacy for fairness and accountability throughout the insurance claims process.