Who do we help

When faced with a major insurance loss, most people will react with grief and emotional upset. After all, your home or business are things you count on to continue your normal lifestyle or earning capacity. Almost all policyholders are in the dark about what could or should happen after any type of property loss.  You are likely to suffer one major loss in your lifetime, while public adjusters and other insurance professionals handle these matters every day.

All insurance policies require that you submit a claim after you have suffered a covered loss. The insurance companies have their own adjusters and often employ “experts” who they use to help evaluate a claim, but that may not always result in full recovery. You may be surprised to know that an insurance company is not required to tell you all the benefits that might be available to you under your policy. A competent professional public adjuster can help by interpreting coverage and making sure every element of your claim is considered.

It would be great if everyone could understand the language of an insurance policy, but sadly even those policies described as “easy read” are difficult to comprehend. Many commercial policies are over 100 pages long and contain contradictions and terms that require a professional to interpret. The simplest homeowner policies have clauses that limit or exclude items from coverage and this is further complicated by the endorsements that are attached to the main policy form. Besides the difficulty in understanding policy language, many courts have made decisions that affect coverage so that a policy might not even mean what it seems to say.

 Engaging a Professional Public Insurance Adjuster

By engaging a competent professional public adjuster you should get every aspect of your claim considered and addressed so that you are free to move forward with your life. Public Adjusters try to take as much of your burden as possible on our own shoulders, hopefully saving you from unnecessary worry and the time and effort it takes to properly substantiate a claim. We have the time and experience that you or your agent/broker might not have to determine and promote your claim.

Not every claim needs a public adjuster. Our members are committed to take on claims where they know they can make a difference. Most of our members would be happy to offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your claim and the best way to get it settled in your interest. They will be happy to furnish you with references so you can speak with other people who have suffered similar losses who can explain what they feel have been the benefits of hiring a particular public adjuster.


NYPAA Members Helping Policyholders


Additionally, after consultation with one of our Public Adjuster members who feels that the particular claim may not warrant a Public Adjuster or is one that may require legal assistance, NYPAA maintains a diverse group of “claim experts” within our associate memberhip. We have attorneys, clean up specialists, remediation firms, general contractors, inventory specialists and other experts who can assist. Please speak to one of our public adjusters who may be able to recommend the exact specialist you need.  Our associate members are committed to the same code of ethics as our regular members.