Our mission is to maximize the policyholders’ recovery from insured losses by ensuring that our members are the “best of the best”, and to positively impact the insurance claims process in New York State by enhancing the laws, regulations, claims practices and policy coverages that govern claims handling. Towards that end, there are multiple efforts that we continue which are all based upon that our primary goal of consumer advocacy.


  • We have an extensive education program to assist members and other public adjusters to fulfill their requirement for continued licensing. Our subjects are varied and all designed to assist public adjusters with growth in ability and knowledge. Besides the formal education program, we have an active forum for members on our website, a newsletter and will notify members by email of any important legal matters. Additionally, regular meetings provide members an opportunity to discuss matters of importance. This keeps our members fully informed and in touch with the latest developments in the law and problems with particular insurance companies. We also post interesting developments and ideas on our blog.
  • We are politically active in promoting consumer friendly laws and regulations regarding insurance matters. We meet with state and federal officials, employ lobbyists and finance legal briefs with regard to important pending suits that might affect insurance claims. The majority of member dues and other income is allocated towards these efforts.
  • We scour the Internet to learn of important developments and maintain this website to keep consumers and members informed and provide resources to benefit first party insurance claims.
  • We monitor and make effort to police our Industry: If an issue arises involving a member, from either a consumer or other professional, it is addressed by our formal grievance committee who will consider all relevant information. If the complaint cannot be resolved, the committee will make recommendations for further actions, such as referral to the Insurance Division of the Dept. of Financial Services, dismissal of the member, or other remedies. We hold the standards and bar very high for any member that we have accepted into the Association, so the consumer market may be confident when choosing a Public Adjuster from the New York Public Adjusters Association.

Jonathan Wilkofsky, Esq., current General Counsel & Executive Director of the Association can be reached to discuss membership questions, coverage or legal issues, administrative matters involving the Department of Finance – Insurance Division and any general issues concerning Public Adjusters, Policyholders, Officers of the Court, and Government Officials.